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The unique Optimism Strategy developed by Dr Tee provides a special advantage to know which investment (stock, forex, property, commodity, bond, etc.) to buy safely, when to buy, when to sell, including the option of long term holding.  So far over 30,000 attendees have benefited from Dr Tee high-quality free stock investment course to the public. Take action now to invest in your financial knowledge, starting your journey towards financial freedom.

Dr Tee Investment Course (Stock, Property, Commodity, Forex, Bond)

Stock Investment Course in Singapore: Learn 10 Strategies of Stock Trading & Value Investing (股市投资策略)

1) Master Buy Low Sell High for all investment markets (stock, property, commodity, forex, bond) (买低卖高:股票、房地产、商品、外汇、债券)

2) Profit in bearish and bullish markets, understanding the true impact of US Interest Rate Hike, Bullish Global Economy, Oil & Gas Crisis (环球经济)

3) Long-term stock investment strategies to outperform portfolio return of Temasek, Li Ka-Shing, Warren Buffett, major stock indices/ETF and other funds (长期投资策略)

4) High-probability Shorting techniques for short term traders to profit from falling stock market while others are losing money or doing nothing (短期卖空技巧)

5) Generate consistent Passive Income with REITS and real property with knowhow of high dividend stock and property market cycles (房地产信托股的被动收入)

6) Methods of Spring Cleaning for own stock portfolio to eliminate junk stocks without any hope (股票大扫除)

7) Time for Global Financial Crisis to buy blue chip stocks on sale (危机也是良机)

8) What to buy (stock screening), When to buy/sell (buy low sell how), How much to buy/sell (risk management): (股票三部曲:买何股?何时买卖?买卖多少?)

9) Fundamental   Analysis (FA) + Technical Analysis (TA) + Personal Analysis (PA), integrated with unique Optimism Strategy by Dr Tee (乐观指数:三法一体)

10) Global Stock Market Outlook: emerging opportunities with high potential in Singapore, US, China & Hong Kong stock markets (环球股票市场展望: 新美中港,股票良机)


学无止境,郑东渊博士(Dr Tee) 特邀两大股票交易专家:吕兆军 (John Lu)与徐瑞鹏 (Robert Xu),联合主办一天华语大师班:股票交易八大秘诀。免费门票有限,马上登记。

早班 (1) 《全球股市巨震后的良机揭秘》Robert Xu(徐瑞鹏)
早班 (2) 《布局2019最后4个月的完美交易策略》John Lu(吕兆军)
午班 (1) 《让暴跌风险与我无关的逃顶术》John Lu(吕兆军)
午班 (2) 《截断亏损让股市利润翻滚》Robert Xu(徐瑞鹏)


日期: 3 Aug 2019 (Sat)

时间: 8:30am – 6pm
(1对1 辅导与诊股: 8:30am-9:30am)

地点: 36 Purvis Street, #02-06 Talib Centre, Singapore 188613

地图 (近 City Hall MRT exit A, 国家图书馆对面, 位于Purvis Street 中部):

1) 国际股市9月到12月机会风险分析
2) 近期股市转折点时空预测
3) 当下全球股市热点个股点评
4) 提高卖空成功率的3个技巧
5) 可以提前布局的黑马暴涨股
6) 让普通散户快速变成股市赢家的秘诀
7) 经典投资理念和神奇战法
8) 哪些类型股票要抓紧脱手

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主办者: Dr Tee (郑东渊博士)
dr tee


大师1: John Lu (吕兆军)

john lu

大师2: Robert Xu (徐瑞鹏)

rober xu



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